Portability Services Network Webinar

Integrating Auto Portability

Auto portability utilizes a set of 14 pre-defined, standardized Application Programming Interface (API) calls, which facilitate two-way connectivity between PSN and a defined contribution recordkeeper’s applications and cover all key functionality, including when a participating recordkeeper is operating in either a “sending” or “receiving” mode.

Our API approach standardizes the integration of auto portability, and all recordkeepers are supported by an experienced team of implementation resources, who have already assisted multiple DC recordkeepers in implementing and operating Auto Portability, and will continue to fulfill that role under its Shared Services agreement with PSN.

The implementation team that RCH brings to the table to support recordkeepers includes:

Planning and Development:
  • Program Management -- knowledgeable project managers who can assist in project planning and are available to coordinate development activities with RCH IT staff
  • Informational Technology -- experienced managers, developers and infrastructure support
Internal Training & Client Roll-Out:
  • Sales & Marketing: Support for marketing and sales initiatives to educate internal staff and sponsors
  • Client Support: Team of professionals who can assist with sponsor roll-out
  • Operations: Seasoned managers and staff to support ongoing, daily operations
Portability Services Network Webinar