A Retirement Industry-Led Utility

Portability Services Network, LLC (PSN), is an independent, industry-led utility which utilizes the Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) auto portability solution to build a nationwide, digital hub connecting workplace retirement plan recordkeepers and the plan sponsors they serve that elect the auto portability service.   Read More

Our Mission

PSN is an industry consortium, whose sole purpose is mitigating cash-out leakage and preserving over a trillion dollars in additional savings in the U.S. retirement system by accelerating the adoption of auto portability – the automatic transfer of small balance workplace retirement accounts (less than $5,000, increasing to $7,000 effective 12/31/23) as workers shift employers.   Read More

Our Structure

PSN is jointly owned and designed as a utility in order to deliver auto portability at the lowest cost to participants. The founding owner members include Alight, Empower, Fidelity, Principal, TIAA, Vanguard, and RCH. PSN's framework allows for a maximum of seven owner members -- six recordkeepers and Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) -- and an unlimited number of member recordkeepers.   Read More

Our Fees

PSN is jointly owned and designed as a utility in order to deliver the lowest cost to participants. Participants whose accounts are transferred are charged a nominal, one-time fee. Fees to participants are expected to decline, and there is no cost to plan sponsors or recordkeepers. Recordkeepers that own and/or participant in PSN receive no compensation for auto portability transactions.   Read More

Cybersecurity and Privacy

PSN is committed to protecting the privacy of all participants who are subject to auto portability processes, through a variety of means, including legislative controls and participant guardrails embedded in SECURE 2.0, risk management policies, operating practices, cybersecurity framework, internal controls and PSN's privacy policy.   Read More

Powered by RCH

The Portability Services Network (PSN) is an independent, industry-led consortium, intended to accelerate the adoption of auto portability. Auto portability is an innovative financial technology that was conceived, developed and first implemented by Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH), and who has now granted exclusive rights to PSN for the technology.   Read More

PSN: A Retirement Industry-Led Utility