Auto Portability and PSN

The combination of auto portability and the Portability Services Network (PSN) is a game-changer for our defined contribution system. Auto portability already featured a proven technology backed by a broad coalition of stakeholders, but the emergence of the Portability Services Network will ensure that is more rapidly adopted, delivered in the most-efficient, effective and participant-protective manner possible, and at the lowest possible cost.   Read More

Auto Portability's Benefits

Auto portability, accessed via PSN and your plan's member recordkeeper, can deliver significant benefits to your participants as well as to your plan. Your participants will stand to benefit along four key dimensions of value, while your plan can improve key metrics, add value and preserve participants' retirement savings, fulfilling your fiduciary obligations.   Read More

The Auto Portability Plan Calculator

The Auto Portability Plan Calculator will provide you with an estimate of the benefits that your defined contribution plan and its participants could realize over time, from the adoption of the Auto Portability program. The calculator uses data from the Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) Auto Portability Simulation to project these benefits over a 40-year period, using system-wide averages for participant turnover, and for separated participants’ balances under $7,000.   Read More

How to Adopt Auto Portability

Plan sponsors can adopt auto portability if their recordkeeper has joined the Portability Services Network, which becomes operational in 2023. There are modifications to plan sponsor agreements and/or plan amendments and notices that are typically required.   Read More

Downloads for Plan Sponsors

Through auto portability, PSN improves participant outcomes by facilitating retirement savings portability and consolidation. If you are a plan sponsor interested in adopting auto portability, please visit the links below for more information.   Read More

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Portability Services Network (PSN), about auto portability, or wish to speak to a PSN representative, please visit this page for more information.   Read More