Whether you are an existing owner member or simply considering your options with respect to the Portability Services Network (PSN), we're glad you're here. PSN is a unique and powerful collaboration amongst defined contribution recordkeepers --an industry-led utility with a singular goal of building a nationwide, digital hub connecting workplace retirement plan recordkeepers and the plan sponsors they serve that elect the auto portability service.   Read More

Join PSN

PSN's framework allows for a maximum of seven owner members -- six recordkeepers and Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) -- and an unlimited number of member recordkeepers. Each participating recordkeeper signs an auto portability Master Services Agreement and Operations Addendum with PSN. Retirement plan recordkeepers interested in joining can contact sales@PSN1.com.   Read More

Integrating Auto Portability's Technology

Auto portability utilizes a set of 14 pre-defined, standardized Application Programming Interface (API) calls, which facilitate two-way connectivity between PSN and a defined contribution recordkeeper’s applications and cover all key functionality.   Read More

Due Diligence

We understand the importance of performing due diligence and making an informed decision on both PSN and auto portability. Once a defined contribution recordkeeper has signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), PSN will provide more information across a range of dimensions, including pertinent technical and operational information, required agreements, and other information.   Read More