An Industry-Led Utility

Leading retirement plan recordkeepers representing approximately 82 million workers across more than 185,000 employer-sponsored retirement plans, along with Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH), have created an industry-led utility to accelerate adoption of auto portability – the automatic transfer of small balance retirement accounts as workers shift employers. Auto portability helps America’s under-served and under-saved workers, especially minorities, women & low-income workers, improve their retirement outcomes.



Plan Sponsors

Portability Services Network, LLC

Portability Services Network, LLC (PSN) utilizes the Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) auto portability solution to deliver a nationwide, digital hub connecting workplace retirement plan recordkeepers and the plan sponsors they serve that elect the auto portability service.

RCH and the founding owning members, Alight, Empower, Fidelity, Principal, Vanguard and TIAA encourage all recordkeepers to join the PSN, as growth of the network will help to strengthen the ability to minimize cash out leakage and improve retirement outcomes for America’s under-served and under-saved workers.

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